March 28, 2009

Decoration Idea from Ligne Roset in Modern Living Room

Living room is the second place to get relax after the bedroom, so you must decorate the living room as beautiful as you can. Here is some pictures of living room decoration in any style and different color. The main furniture while decorate living room is chair. Chairs provide a very simple yet effective way to relax and spend some good time in a comfortable body posture. Yeah look at this pictures and get any idea on choosing the right chairs for your living room decoration

Interior Modern and Classic Style in Living Room

Living room dominated by the colored element of the land, from the color of the land of brown, to cream. From his appearance, this space applied the style of the classic and modern arrangement. Apart from the color, there is heterogeneous the characteristics that made living room atmosphere classic and modern. For example, the appearance in furniture. To some single chair, there was the appearance decorated the hands support. The combination of color, brown and gold. The existence of the appearance and the blend of the element of the color of brown and the gold became the application marker of the classic element. The black element became the marker that this space wanted to produce modern nuances. The application of this black color was seen in the table have material wood. There were also several colored accessories black other that was placed there. For example, the velvet pillow had a motive the rose and the long table under televisio.

Beautiful Classic Interior Living Room Design

Every one can be need inspiration with beautiful classic interior living room design pictures

Classic Style-Living Room Design

Here is the living area picture, it’s have a classic style with classic sofa and fireplace.

Classic Style-Living Room Design

March 19, 2009

Modern Bedroom Pictures

evry one can get the modern modern bedroom this pictures

March 18, 2009

Tips to Freshen Up Your Bedroom

Is your bedroom looking a little staid and stale?
Do you wish you could implement a few changes to the d├ęcor so that it has a new, fresh look but you don’t have money in your budget?
Here are some tips that will brighten your bedroom [Bedroom Designs] without costing you a penny!
Do a Wash
An immediate freshener to your room is to wash the curtains and your comforter or bedspread. When you re-hang the curtains it will immediately have a brightening effect on the room. You might even use just the valance for a change as well.

Rearrange the Furniture
One of the easiest ways to brighten your bedroom is to rearrange the furniture. When you move around furniture it will give the room a whole new feel to it.
Get creative with where you put your bed and be sure you don’t block your windows so you have maximum light exposure.

You probably have some tablecloths, scarves and throw blankets around the house. Why not give them a second look. You can use a scarf to drape over your dresser or nightstand or lay one of your throw blankets you especially like at the foot of the bed.
If your headboard is plain, use scarves or colorful shawls to drape along the top or the bedposts.

If you have room on a nightstand or table in your room, why not take those pictures that are scattered around the house and make an arrangement in your bedroom.
It can be a pleasant focal point of the room to have all the ones you love with their happy and smiling faces surrounding you.

If you normally have your houseplants in the kitchen or the living room, why not move one or two to your room. Houseplants will add a serene ambience to your room so that you can slumber more peacefully.

Candles & Potpourris
Candles and potpourris will enhance the room in a variety of ways. If you use colorful, scented candles it will smell like heaven and look like a dream.
Potpourris can be made from dried flowers from your garden and put in bowls strategically around the room. You can even add items such as pine cones.
Giving your bedroom a new look doesn’t have to cost a thing. If you use your creativity and items you already have on hand, you can have your space for sleeping and relaxing looking like a whole new room.
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Modern Bedroom Styles

The traditional sleigh design of the headboard on the Coronado Platform Bed makes this one an instant classic. The Coronado Platform bed is made of plantation grown Asian hardwoods and comes in an array of beautiful finishes. This platform bed comes with 4 slats that can be used in conjunction with a mattress and box spring set. There are also 10 optional slats that can be added to the bed. If all 14 slats are used, then only a mattress is needed. The headboard stands 46 inches high, and the distance from floor to rail is 13 inches.
The Mason Platform Bed complements a wide range of interior variations. From minimalist to contemporary, your bedroom will have a stylish accent with this frame. Its low-profile style keeps floor spaces open. High-quality hard wood construction with a pure black laminate finish slides into any theme. Easy assembly lets you put the platform wherever you wish.
Constructed of solid kiln-dried wood for durability and featuring a tropical mahogany frame, the Nevis Spice Low Profile Platform Bed combines durability with a relaxed air. The beautiful reddish brown finish is achieved after a six-step finishing process for lasting beauty. The wood head and foot boards are joined to side rails by metal-to-metal fittings, providing stable construction.

Balanced Living Room Interior Design

The sample of balanced living room interior design, to make a symmetrical scheme designer can matching chairs, lights and soft furnishings. This combine the Andrew Martin Sofa, for Lamp bases and shades by Laura Ashley

Minimalist Home and Design

Architects and designers who favor a less is more approach often support minimalist home design. The concept of minimalism in buildings and interior spaces calls for the use of clean lines, simple color palettes, and unadorned surfaces.

Basics of Minimalism
The core goal of minimalist home design is to break down forms and structures to their basic elements. The straightforward nature of Asian design, particularly classic Japanese design, has been one of the inspirations for minimalism. Famous designers who pioneered minimalist ideas include Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and members of the De Stijl Dutch art movement. Mies van der Rohe focused on the exterior frame of buildings while adopting open floor plans on the inside.

Minimalist designers and architects concentrate on removing dimension from spaces and connecting the intersecting visual planes of the building. This leaves room to diligently plan out the wide open spaces of the interiors. The initial push to rediscover pure forms is now supplanted by the desire to instill a sense of calm, harmony, and spirituality in interior spaces.

Minimalism in Practice
Minimalist home design can be either modern or contemporary in nature. The unifying element should be a focus on form, color, and texture, as opposed to ornamentation. Lighting in both cases tends to be industrial in design with a focus on track lights, art lamps, and accent spotlights. Modern minimalist spaces usually feature white or neutral walls with little to no trim work or window casings. The plain walls allow artwork and large accessories to take center stage. Large walls of windows or glass are commonly used to create a sense of airiness and maximize natural light. A modern layout is typically open concept with simple room divisions made with furniture, bookcases, fabric, or low-rise cabinets.

Modern minimalist home design uses bold geometric forms along with polished finishes and asymmetrical balance. Texture is kept to a minimum, and form takes precedence over function. Furniture is streamlined in shape and is upholstered with fabrics or leather in neutral colors or tone-on-tone patterns. Metal accents like stainless steel or chrome are often seen on furniture pieces, hardware, or fixtures. Wood surfaces and cabinetry often receive a polished or lacquered finish over a light color of wood. Flooring is usually an easy care surface like concrete, wood, linoleum, stone, or tile.

On the other hand, contemporary minimalist home design features the same austere environment but with a softer approach to forms and lines. Sweeping curves and rounded lines take shape in room layouts, furniture, and accessories. Walls are kept neutral but with warmer shades like taupe, brown, cream, and beige. Pops of bold primary colors are often incorporated with painted accent walls, art pieces, upholstery, or rugs.

Texture is also important to creating warmth and comfort in contemporary minimalist home design. Microfiber or velour fabrics add softness to sofas and chairs while rugs feature plush, shaggy textures. Artwork is often colorful and striking which infuses a contemporary space with energy. A minimalist contemporary design integrates the subtle textures of natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, wool, or silk.
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Tips for Choosing the Minimalist Interior Design for the Modern Home

A minimalist interior design scheme doesn't need to be stark and cold!
Modern minimalist designs are not the old, harsh decor of years ago. The new look for minimalist interior design is a softer look, more personal and easier to live with. Yes, you can have a real life, or even kids, and go for a minimalist look in your home!

It is true that you do really need to be a certain kind of person to get on well with a minimalist scheme - messy people need not apply! But seriously ... if you find it easy to stay neat and tidy, are very organised and hate clutter in any form, this is very likely a look that will work for you.

I love the look of a minimalist interior design scheme. But I have come to realise it just isn't for me! If you do struggle to keep on top of mess or clutter, if you like your knick-knacks and collections, or just enjoy being surrounded by all your favourite possessions, this probably isn't a look you can live comfortably with...

Keeping your house 'spick and span' and clutter free can be hard work, there's no two ways about it. But your reward will be worth it! A minimalist interior design scheme is a very simple, relaxing style, which will bring an air of real tranquillity to your home - but it has a great, cutting-edge, contemporary feel too!

Walls and Color
Of course, white has got to be the ultimate color for any self-respecting minimalist scheme.

But, you can opt for a softer look, by choosing warm neutrals and colors from nature. Try stone, beige, taupe, brown and even green. Your base colors should be 'pale and interesting' - but go for a splash of a bolder color for accents.

Your accents can be as little or as much as you like. Try a vase, or cushions for quite a subtle introduction to color, or a whole wall or sofa, for a bigger statement!
Only choose one color, or color group, for your accent color. Bright red is a good choice, or any other bright color. As an alternative, just choose a darker natural tone - a deep green or brown will always work well.


Choose something simple and classy for your minimalist interior design look.

Plain, modern-looking furniture is ideal - in natural wood (especially dark wood), dark leather, white or bright colors, or chrome, glass, mirror and stainless steel.

Low level furniture will help with the modern look and minimalist feel in your room, as it is much less bulky!

Floors and Windows

Less is more with a minimalist style. Choose plain, wooden floors for a simple effect. But don't forget to add a rug, for live-ability and style.

Try to keep your window treatments simple too. Bare windows, shutters and blinds will give a very minimal look, but you might feel happier softening up the look a touch. Choose simple, neutral curtains or white floaty voiles, for an easy look.
Naturally, accessories are not a major part of a modern minimalist look. But don't just sweep the shelves bare...! By all means clear out the clutter, and have a god sort out, but remember that your minimalist interior design look does need a few, well-chosen, carefully positioned accessories, to complete the look, and make your house into a home.

One large, very striking picture, painting or wall hanging will make a better statement than several smaller ones. Choose something you really love, and are proud to display as large as life in your home.

This picture will probably set the choice of accent color for the rest of your accessories - cushions, vases, candlesticks and lamps.

Limit yourself to only 1 or 2 accessories on each display surface. If you have special treasures you can put these into storage for a while, and display them in rotation.

Of course, managing your storage will be another big part of making a minimalist interior design scheme successful in your home, so think very carefully about what you need in your room, where you need it and how you will use it, before you invest in your storage solutions.

Maintaining a successful minimalist interior design scheme will take a little more work on your part. But the results are very satisfying - a beautiful, clean and tidy room, with a tranquil, soothing air - exactly the kind of room you want to relax into when you come home after a hard day...! Read full at

Minimalist Interior Design Schemes

Minimalist Interior Design Schemes - Enjoy a smart, relaxing, clutter-free look in your home.

Be inspired by live-able new looks. Modern minimal looks are softer, and easy to live with.

Do you wish you had a simple, soothing, relaxing home – that’s clutter free?

If so, then a minimalist style could be just what you are looking for…

Although a minimalist interior design style is, well … ‘minimalist’, modern minimalist style is not the harsh, stark style of years ago.

The new minimalist interior design look is softer, more personal and easier to live with – perhaps the rules have just relaxed a little…?

You do have to be a certain kind of person to live easily with a minimalist look.

If you find it easy to stay tidy, hate clutter and are very organised, then this look may well be ideal for you.

If you are a little bit messy, struggle to stay tidy, like your knick-knacks and collectables, or just enjoy seeing all your stuff around you, you will probably feel uncomfortable with a minimalist interior design look.
However much I like the look of a minimalist style – and I really do – I have come to realise that this is not the look for me.

For this style to work, you really do need to keep your home tidy, clean and totally clutter-free.

Your rewards for all this hard work will be worth it though – when it is done well, a minimalist interior design style is not only relaxing, soothing and tranquil, but also a super, modern, cutting-edge look.
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March 16, 2009

Luxury European Home Plans Design

Some of the most recognizable and attractive homes around are European House Plans. There is just something about the "Old World" charm that draws people's attention and commands their respect. Even with their bold style, European Home Plans offer the utmost comfort. In fact, European-style architecture is sometimes synonymous with Luxury Home Design.

GMLC-929 is a very luxurious European home plan. It offers a sprawling layout with elegant style. Its single story design includes a large vaulted family room with so many windows that it almost gives you the feeling of sitting under a covered porch. Speaking of porches, there is a very inviting covered lanai that is perfect for almost any season. Near the master bedroom is a study that is perfect for some personal time; it even has a secluded computer room.

If there is one point that GMLC-929 is trying to get across it's this: "Luxury and Style should go hand-in-hand." It boasts a luxurious floor plan with style emanating from every corner. You really need to Check It Out!Read ful at

The Traditional Home Design with a Modern Twist

We've recently added a new home designer to The Plan Collection Team. With over 60 designers and more than 18,000 house plans, you might expect that we've seen it all. Well, not quite!
This new home designer offers over one-hundred different home plans, and each one sports a style all its own. Each houseplan seems to have a traditional Old World style, but there is always an attractive and modern twist to make it unique.Take, for instance, The Cadillac. Here is a wonderfully refreshing home design that displays the perfect combination of several architectural styles.
The Cadillac mixes design principles from the Tudor style with a somewhat traditional country shell and the effect is amazing! The result is like a breath of fresh air --- an eclectic grouping of classical, timely styles with just a dash of the contemporary. The end product is something entirely new and wonderful!
This designer has several plans that are so unique (yet still totally attractive) that it's hard to label exactly what style the home is. You really ought to check out his collection of Traditional House Plans as well. If there is one thing that all these homeplans have in common it's the fact that they all have very comfortable, well-thought-out floorplans.
Sometimes it feels as if many of today's house plans come from the same cookie-cutter shape, but believe me, it is exciting to find something fresh and new, yet still classy and elegant. Why don't you check it out for yourself? Click Here to see this designer's entire collection. It's great!
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How Do You Select Accessories Transitional Home Decor

Becoming Familiar with Transitional Design
Transitional Design is the newest style on the scene of the design world. The basis of this style is to breathe new life into traditionally styled rooms by giving a more straight lined modern feel to them while at the same time retaining a timeless, sophisticated feel. The color palette is usually a neutral one with carefully edited accessories to set off the room.
Selecting Home Decor Accessories
It is important to be selective in choosing accessories for your transitional room since there are not as many used in this style. You will want to select something that can handle all of the attention that will be received.
A few things to keep in mind:
Texture- When using a neutral color palette, texture plays a more significant role. Using something rusting with cleaned line pieces is a great idea. How about a wooden bowl filled with natural or organic materials?
Size- Since accessories are paired down for this style; it is great to use a large piece to create drama in the room. Consider a large scale piece of artwork but be sensitive to the scale of the room.
Artwork- Black and white artwork with white matting and a simple frame is a terrific choice with its clean lines. If you are trying to save money why not create your own digital artwork and express yourself at the same time.
Incorporate a few clean lined accessories into your classic rooms and get that fresh of-the-moment look.
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Free Tips For Shopping Home Accessories

When it's time to outfit your new home, there's a lot to consider. If it's your first time living away from home (for example, your first apartment or house out of college), or even if it's just the first time you're moving to a house – there are a lot of items you'll need to make your new place a home. Since most people don't have unlimited money to buy their home accessories, there are a few things you can do to cut down on the cost of filling your new digs.
The first thing you can do to make sure your home accessories cost as little as possible is to shop around for secondhand goods. Often, garage sales and online sites such as Ebay or Craigslist can yield great bargains. If you don't mind purchasing items that were previously used, and cleaning or refinishing your home accessories, buying things this way can really save money over getting brand new furnishings.
Another way to save money while shopping for home accessories, and even garden accessories, is to shop the sales. You can buy many different items for lower prices when you wait for sales on different models of furniture, or by buying things for your garden or outdoors when there are end-of-summer sales. You can often save money by purchasing floor models or “scratch-and-dent” items that are sold by furniture stores – these home accessories go on sale because they may have a small blemish or defect from being displayed in the store.
It doesn't really matter whether you're moving into your first or tenth home, you'll always need some sort of home accessories. Remodeling your home can also be a reason to buy new furniture – or even just needing a change of design to spruce up your house. Finding cheaper ways to purchase these items can make it so you'll be able to do more with the money you have.
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The Country Home Decorating Ideas

The term country home decorating can have different implications to different people. There are many styles of home decorating ideas that share a similar theme. Take for instance the art of cottage home decorating, rustic decor, primitive decor or the less associated Tuscan decor.

Country decor and Tuscan decor share a central theme in the use of natural textures, colors and their use of rustic and primitive home accessories.

Country home decorating is similar to the afore mentioned in it's use of wrought iron, tapestry, wooden bowls, brightly painted ceramic bowls and pottery. Each possessing the central home decorating theme around all things rustic.

As with all rustic decorating ideas, the central focus in country home decorating is one of simplicity that makes use of natural colors and textures embodying the culture of simple country living. These unique home decorating ideas suggest comfort, hospitality and the friendliness associated with living in the country.

Country home decorating invites a casual friendly lifestyle. Take for instance, rich earth tones help to create a warm homey atmosphere. Let your home interior decor reflect your style and personality.
Whether you are planning to redecorate, remodel, or simply update your home, guidelines are always invaluable. In the following pages you will find a wealth of country home decorating ideas to help you in these tasks.

Home Decorating Ideas which will inspire you to create a fresh, new atmosphere in your home, and which you can adapt to suit your specific needs and lifestyle. A well planned home can turn routine living into creative living and enjoyment for the entire family.

The most attractive homes are the ones that have continuity throughout. Bear this in mind when you begin to decorate or redecorate your country home.

Imagine an empty room and begin with a focal point. Arrange furniture and accessories that compliment your sense of interior decorating style.

Plan your own country home decorating ideas by deciding on the interior colors you will use, in each room for walls, wood-work, carpets, curtains, furniture coverings, lamp shades, and sofa pillows.

Make sure you carefully study the specific style, and color scheme then carefully coordinate the colors for each element of your country home decorating decor. Read full in