December 23, 2009

Paint for Correcting Room : Home Tips

Paint for Correcting Room

1. Beautify the ceiling : Apply paint a darker color than the color of the walls the ceiling is too high to avoid the impression of cold. Try a combination of light colors for walls and dark colors for the ceiling.

2. Expanding the room: Use a paint color or a white youth who proved capable of making a wider space. To make the space appear larger, use light bright enough lighting.

November 30, 2009

New House Design Ideas - Bedroom Inspiration

Sometimes your new bedroom decorating simply needs a change of atmosphere to make it more comfortable. Maybe you have a bedroom design that is immaculate, modern, and beautiful. But is it comfortable? It’s important that a room still feel like home, and an easy way to achieve this is by adding some creature comforts. Some personal bedroom decorations add individual character to a space and make it more relaxing. Here is another inspirational post from bedroom inspiration series. The last post from this series was Bedroom Inspiration. Today I’ve selected 7 beautiful bedrooms, and I hope you like them. Enjoy !

Bedroom NewNew BedroomNew Bedroom DesignNew Bedroom Design IdeasNew Bedroom Interior Design

new bedrooms.jpg
New Bedrooms Designs

Home Tips : Painting Tips House Windows and Doors

Home Tips : Painting Tips House Windows and Doors
They are :
1. Do not paint the window when closed, because after drying, the paint can make a leaf attached to the frame window. better off before the doors or windows to be painted.

2. to paint the door, you should use a special roller called cigar or a hot dog roller. This tool produces a smooth painting and does not leave brush marks.

3. windows and doors located on the outside requires extra care from all attacks weather, humidity, etc., that can happen at any time.

November 29, 2009

House H Tokyo by Sou Fujimoto Architects

House H Tokyo by Sou Fujimoto Architects

This white modern concrete box shaped house design is the latest residential architecture project created by japanese architects, Sou Fujimoto Architects. This Minimalist House H in Tokyo, Japan is a complex responses to contemporary needs that combines a balance between volumes, spaces and light.

House H Tokyo by Sou Fujimoto Architects

Dealing innovatively with Japan’s strict plot ratio regulations, Fujimoto has avoided the conventions of creating a courtyard or of setting a house as an isolated object within the site boundary. Instead it is a hybrid; a series of boxes in boxes that define domestic realm, enclosure and interior.

Modern European private house design ideas

November 16, 2009

Home Tips : Choosing Ceramic Tile Tips For Home

Choosing Ceramic Tile Tips

The popularity of ceramic for the floors in your house is believed to originated from the countries of southern Europe, like Spain, Italy, Greece, and Potugal. The use of ceramics in the floor tile has become popular because it can provide cool shades in a warmer climate. In addition, ceramic floor easier to clean, well swept and mopped way.

To select a ceramic, you should first consider the shape, color, style, and how the ceramic surface that you want to buy. Ceramic floor appeared in various forms such as diamond, a square of eight, seven square, triangle, and circle to impress even more eccentric.

The bigger the room should be greater ubinnya. Therefore, the installation process is faster and also make it easier for you to clean it up. For a small room you should not use a large ceramic to avoid the impression of the room seemed out of proportion.

You can also customize the color and design your tile floor with a wall color in your room. In places such as the sale of certain ceramic tile Jakarta, you can design the colors and patterns of ceramic tiles according to your own creativity to give a unique impression on the rooms in your house. In these places are usually available also souvenir ceramics for various purposes such as knick knacks.

Usually available two options on ceramic surfaces, namely the standard and shiny. Tiles with more standard surface in ruanganruangan used outdoors, such as front or back porch. While the tiles with a shiny surface is more popular and frequently used for the room in the house. In addition to looking more beautiful and durable ceramic with a glossy surface is also much easier to clean. Unfortunately, the price is more expensive than standard ceramic surface. Yag shiny ceramic serve as perfect as a souvenir ceramic goods that have aesthetic value.

The following tips can be input you when to buy ceramics.

1 Consider first what the room wants to put on ceramics. Example for the family room, you should choose ceramic with bright colors or flashy and noisy sedikt patterns. Dikreasikan ceramics for various purposes.

2 For the kitchen room, we suggest you choose the floor tiles with a shiny surface due to the floor with a surface like this easier to remember the kitchen floor cleaned more often dirty due to activity in the kitchen cooking.

3 In contrast to the tiled floor in the room outside, choose a floor with a surface that does not easily absorb water and moisture.

4 When buying ceramic, should you overestimate of about 5-10 percent of the amount of tiles you buy to avoid shortages due to the ceramic is a potential for damage (usually broken or cracked) when the delivery or during the development process. Ceramics ordered more portions than the need to help you when the unwanted.

5 Make sure you check the information in the box when buying tile. Ideally outside the box there is a ceramic packaging information on the model specifications, colors, patterns, numbers and the number of tiles in the box. As information is usually in a ceramic box 1 is 12 to 16 tiles with a thickness of about 6 to 8 millimeters.

November 6, 2009

Home Tips : Color Tips Choosing for Child Bedroom

Selecting colors for a child's bedroom may be a bit more complicated. Most parents want to use a pale color (pale) or pastel colors in order to increase the value of the element / element of their children, but to be remembered by the parents is: that the child's room is a place for children to sleep as well as a place to play .Coloring child's bedroom with the dominant color or pale pastels will make your child always wanted to get out of his room when outside recess / sleep, if the children are forced to stay inside the room, it will disrupt the growth or development of creative ideas of the child. Playing for children is part of the process of development, play will be honed intelligence and creativity. Solutions that can be done is to combine the color of the soft walls (pale / pastel) with complementary accessories room (carpets, dolls, toys, desk, desk lamp, etc.) that color contrast. Another thing to do is create a play area in the room with room partition, so the children can play while resting in his bedroom.

other than the above tips, there are other tips as follows :
To be more fitting, room accessories to choose colors that match the theme of the room. If the color is quite crowded, the walls do not need to be decorations.


1. Walls do not have to use a picture or painting. Give paint bright colors like blue, yellow, green, purple and even on one wall. Another impression would be created.
2. The presence of the funny lights will add a unique and lively.
3. Child's room should not too much stuff. Under the bed drawer can be used as a toy or book store.
4. Encourage your child to manage his own room. Waive the child in accordance with the desire to create.

October 27, 2009

Dining room collections - luxurious designs

htluxurious dining room
Beautiful, unique, luxurious dining room interior design collections, just make your new inspiration to improve your home. There are many beautiful dining room interior design with various dining set models, table and chairs, dining decoration, floor, wall, windows style etc.

eating dining Tables

Modern Dining Room with elegant dining Tables

There are some Modern dining room interior Architecture design style with luxurious dining table, great inspiration for you. This Architecture is very modern dining room concept – each dining room decor idea offers startling contrasts. Imposing chairs and large tables offer an unexpected combination of angles and curves.

dining room interior

Minimalist dining table in the modern dining room

Minimalist dining table in the modern dining room, look the furniture, it made by special woods and there are handicraft near the the wall. This design suitable for small house because the dining room spend less areas of the home. The chairs available in the dining room to get a nice dinner, lunch, and breakfast. This is nice inspiration for small area dining room and kitchen.

room interior courtains and dining room table

Modern dining room interior with beautiful dining table

see why.

Contemporary wooden furniture in the dining room

Contemporary wooden furniture in the dining room

Modern dining room interior design style with luxurious dining table

October 25, 2009

Tips for Choosing Colors For Our Bedroom

Talk about comfort in bed, one of the most influential is the color. types of countless colors. however, each type of color has its own characteristics and role in shaping the mood or one's mood. because the bedrooms are private, so should the color selection, adapted to the character and tastes of each person living there.

Accordance with its function as a place to rest when our weary , the atmosphere is a bit monotonous in the bedroom should be eliminated. Way, periodically conduct reorganization, whether it's changing the paint color, change the location-location of furniture, or other purposes in order to become more comfortable atmosphere.

There are several color options that might be your inspiration:

The red color is considered able to raise the desire and passion. those who have a passionate desire, generally tend to choose the red color in the bedroom design.

This color becomes the appropriate choice for a boy's bedroom. cheerful aura, far from feminine impression is the impression created. fit was applied with a boy who liked to be practical and tend to move dynamically. male impressed but still considered soft. shades of orange bedroom could also reflect a masculine personality. bedroom could also be a reflection of one's personality. orange colors represent the dynamic and active characters that are suitable for young executives.

Exciting fresh yellow can enhance creativity and imagination. These colors are also often used as a stimulating color and vitality. a character that is in accordance with the spirit and soul of the children who need an active atmosphere, dynamic, including the power to stimulate thought and continue to grow physically developed. This design is suitable for bedrooms and children's learning.

Colors that bring the atmosphere of leaves was made cool and comfortable. shady green memorable protect, can be applied to the child's bedroom or playroom. bring a healthy sense of optimism. energy that comes from this color will eliminate an inconvenience for our taste.

Use the right blue bedroom can make people feel at sleeping before sea bed to create pleasure, can eliminate fatigue, stay away from all the bustle and fatigue of daily life. This color can be used as the dominant color for the introduction bedroom have a nice dream.

Children who usually like fantasy, fairy tales and favorite figures to be one child fantasies of children who bring joy color purple is used often used by kings or queens in the fairy tale. this is one of the creations that can be applied to design a child's room. purple color also includes a luxurious, grand and charismatic. equivalent solid color blue and would make a more artistic appearance.

so axpression favorite colors you on your bedroom,and choosing the favorite color, so you can make at home.

European House Style

Frank Lloyd Wright Designed House

This pic was taken in Oak Park IL. where they have the highest amount of Frank Lloyd Wright designed houses anywhere.

Frank Lloyd Wright (June 8, 1867 – April 9, 1959) was an American architect of Welsh descent, interior designer, writer, and educator who designed more than 1,000 projects, of which more than 500 resulted in completed works.

Wright promoted organic architecture (exemplified by Fallingwater), was a leader of the Prairie School movement of architecture (exemplified by the Robie House and the Westcott House), and developed the concept of the Usonian home (exemplified by the Rosenbaum House). His work includes original and innovative examples of many different building types, including offices, churches, schools, hotels, and museums. Wright also often designed many of the interior elements of his buildings, such as the furniture and stained glass.

Wright authored twenty books and numerous articles and was a popular lecturer in the United States and in Europe. His colorful personal life frequently made headlines, most notably for the 1914 fire and murders at his Taliesin studio.

Already well-known during his lifetime, Wright was recognized in 1991 by the American Institute of Architects as "the greatest American architect of all time"

Modern House Design by Frank Lloyd Wright

The Robie House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for his client Frederick C. Robie, is considered one of the most important buildings in the history of American architecture. Designed in Wright's Oak Park studio in 1908 and completed in 1910, the building inspired an architectural revolution. Its sweeping horizontal lines, dramatic overhangs, stretches of art glass windows and open floor plan make it a quintessential Prairie style house. Although it was designed one hundred years ago, the building remains a masterpiece of modern architecture.

Grand Designs - Bath House

Bath may be famous for its Georgian architecture, but Tiffany Wood and her husband Jonny have chosen it as the location to build themselves a striking Modernist home, just a mile from the city centre.

Rather than go down the traditional building route, they opt for a German pre-fabricated kit house with great green credentials. But before they can even think about building their house they have to prepare their site: a fiercely steep hillside.

Tiffany and Jonny embark on the biggest ground works project Grand Designs has ever seen, costing around £300,000.

And, just when they are about to complete these mammoth works, the weather turns bad and disaster strikes.

Their neighbour's wall collapses in a storm. The resulting damage could cost them nearly £100,000.

Determined to carry on, even through 80 tonnes of extra mud, Tiffany and Jonny persevere, and a year into their project, are finally able to go to Germany to choose their house.

3 Cheap & Easy Bedroom Design Ideas

Have you ever woken up in the morning, looked around your bedroom, and wanted to just crawl back in and pull the blankets back over your head to hide from it? You’re not alone. It’s common for most of us to constantly want to decorate and design our favorite living spaces and bedrooms seem to be the place we want to re-design the most.

This urge to redesign the bedroom is probably because the bedroom is the first thing we see each morning when we wake up, and the last thing we see each night too. We can’t help but become tired of it or find it boring after seeing it so often. We decide we want a new design style, or we get sick of seeing a certain color, or maybe we decide it’s just been around way too long.

So we start dreaming of new bedroom design styles and themes. Planning in our minds all the wonderful stylish changes we could make. Then we remember: Creating a new design for the bedroom isn’t always cheap. When this thought hits you though, take heart. Sprucing up your bedroom design style doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, there are many cheap and easy things you can do to reinvigorate your own bedroom design.

1. Wall Designs – One of the quickest, easiest, and least expensive ways to update the look of your bedroom is to simply change the walls. If you use paint, try a new color. If you want a major change, take a look at covering the entire wall with wallpaper. For smaller changes try putting a new coat of paint in place and then adding a wallpaper border instead.

You could even try painting designs on the wall, using stencils or geometric shapes. Notice the walls in the picture at the left? They’re painted with different colored stripes.

2. Bed Designs – In the bedroom, your bed is usually the focal point. And you can change the entire look of the room just by changing what you have on your bed. Putting pretty pillows in place makes a dramatic and immediate difference for the entire look and feel of a room, and it’s very inexpensive to buy a few pillows that compliment each other in either style or color.

The bed comforter or duvet cover is another easy way to change the look and style of your bedroom. It can be a plain neutral color like the one shown in the photo, or it can contain the base for your bedroom’s new color scheme and design style.

3. Window Designs – One of the greatest things about decorating the interior of your house windows is that there are no rules! You can drap lacy fabric artfully over a stylish curtain rod, or you can put in a full fledged designer curtain system. The interior of your house windows look their best when they’re designed as room accents though, so as long as you have privacy issues covered, feel free to experiment with different ways to style your windows in the bedroom. You may be surprised at how stylish the final results look.

So there you have it: Three cheap and easy ways to update your bedroom design style. Dress up the walls, dress up the bed, dress up the windows and poof! You’ll now be waking up with a wide smile every time you see the gorgeous new look you created.

October 24, 2009


Decorative candles line the top bar counter, and decorative floral displays rest on top of the cabinets to bring splashes of color into the room.

Clutter was removed from counter tops and replaced with only a few appliances used most often and some decorative baskets of food.

This kitchen was painted to brighten it up and give it a fresh, new look.

October 22, 2009

Home Interior Series

bedroom - we still need a desser and tv stand. those are the last of the boxes yet to be unpacked.

October 20, 2009

The Amazing Nautilus Shell House

I have to wonder, anyway, if they have kids. And if so, how old are they? Because I know a couple of toddlers more than happy to decompose the place into little, tiny pieces.

The Amazing Nautilus Shell House

Now that’s a post V-Day Miracle! One that can be spawned only by love. Love for art, love for architecture.
Nautilus Shell Housewas build for a Mexico City couple by Senosiain Arquitectos. Leaving heavy architectural detailsaside (always loved architecture but only as an amateur so I won’t charge you with construction mumbling), the house is put together using a frame of steel-reinforced chicken wire with a concrete spread over it, resulting an earthquake proof structure.